The Bi-Phased Night Recovery Concentrate

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The Bi-Phased Night Recovery Concentrate formula combines a serum, twice as concentrated* and precious botanical oils, including Jojoba oil known for its repairing properties

Day after day, in the morning, the complexion is luminous, features appear smoothed, wrinkles appear less visible. Skin is firmer, it looks regenerated and repaired**.

How to use: Delicately apply its nourishing silky texture by massaging before your night skin care, on face and neck, following the lines from bottom to top, from the inside to the outside.

Our Commitment:
• Formulated with more than 98% ingredients of natural origin
• 3 registered patents in France - 100% natural extraction
• Mineral oil free
• Botanical bud nectar sourced with respect for biodiversity***
• Made with love in our factories. In Brittany. In France.
• Recyclable glass bottle, recyclable cardboard box from sustainably managed forests

30 ml / 1 fl.oz. Bottle

Formula tested under dermatological supervision

*In Botanical Bud Nectar compared to the Anti-Aging Supra Essence.
**In terms of hydration
****Production of this Nectar comes from the single extraction of ONE bud on a protected tree. High-tech process that preserves the botanical resource and helps respect the environment by avoiding intensive farming and the picking of buds from the plant.

Format : Bottle

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