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Article: About us

About us

For more than 60 years we have been trying to preserve real, natural, perfect beauty, as Yves Rocher dreamed and imagined. True to our origins, we continue to emphasize women's beauty by producing products accessible to them.

As the Yves Rocher brand we have been developing since 1959 researching, growing plants, producing products and making numerous sales without any intermediaries. We always strive to ensure that we can offer you the best fruits of Brittany nature at an affordable price.

Our history

Yves Rocher: your guide to the world of natural beauty since 1959

Yves Rocher. This name, well known to everyone, is not only a brand, but also the name of a person with a rich worldview and creative thinking.

Born in 1930 in the commune of La Gasilli, Brittany, France, The beauty imagination of this man, born in 1930 in the commune of La Gacilly, Brittany, is still incredibly relevant today. At the age of 14, he spent a lot of time in the forest, where he found solace every day after the sudden loss of his father. It is then that little Yves realizes that nature has a positive effect on our well-being.

Over the years, he has identified the foundations of the Yves Rocher brand, urging women to remain natural. The founder of the brand, Mr. Yves Rocher, organized a small laboratory in the attic of his own house, where in 1959 he created his first product, sunflower cream. Thus begins the history of the famous brand.

According to Yves Rocher, he owes his success mainly to the Brittany perseverance, the spirit of foresight and the plant world, which gave him a lot. He would always say:"The more science develops, the more reasons we have to return to nature".

Yves Rocher today

Since Mr. Yves Rocher's death in 2009, his imagination has been developed and passed down from generation to generation with the help of his son Jacques and grandson Brice. Currently, Yves Rocher brand stores are available in more than 80 countries around the world.

 Cradle of the brand: La Gacilly

"One day La Gacilly will flourish and be recognized, I promise"
– with these words Yves Rocher laid the foundation of his brand.

The brand's story merges with the history of the commune of La Gacilly, which managed to balance between nature and quality of life, culture and agriculture, art and industry and established itself as the main protagonist of biodiversity.

Because it was here, in his native village, where Yves Rocher created the botanical garden and gave this area a new chance for development. He grows thousands of plants on 55 hectares, making La Gasilli the heart of the brand. Their beneficial qualities, composition and effect on the skin are studied by professionals and used in cosmetics.

Driven by a love of nature, our experts, botanists and researchers examine plants in the botanical garden, a huge open air laboratory, cultivate them according to the rules of cultivation and distill hydrolates – and this is all done to transfer the best natural active ingredients to your skin.

Through our products, we offer a unique approach to well-being, a combination of self-care and the ability to treat nature with respect.

Our main obligations

For us, nature is not only a source of inspiration, but also the heart and main force of our work. To reduce the negative impact on the planet, we have created effective products with the help of real observations and experiments over the years, always trying to go beyond knowledge.

  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Reduce of the negative impact on the environment
  • Care for the future of the planet
  • Plant intelligence valorisation

Yves Rocher in Azerbaijan

The first Yves Rocher store in the Republic of Azerbaijan was launched in 1996 in Baku. Since 2020, buyers have been able to purchase brand products, as well as through the online store. Currently, 10 brand stores operate in our country.

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Beauty is recognized! - Yves Rocher Azerbaijan

Beauty is recognized!

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