Purifying Shampoo Bar

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This Purity Solid Shampoo purifies and detoxifies the hair. 
With a super sensorial texture, it detoxifies the hair and gives it lightness, freshness and softness. 

With more than 99% biodegradable and sulfate-free ingredients, this shampoo made in France is enriched with peppermint grown in Brittany.

Its packaging is made of 60% cardboard from our waste and is 100% recyclable, no need for plastic! 

1 shampoo  bar = up to 2 bottles of classic shampoos of 300 ml.

This product has everything to become your new ally in the bathroom.

Its + : A generous lather and great smell !

How to use : Rub your shampoo between your hands or directly on wet hair. Lather. Massage your scalp and rinse.

*Depending on hair length.

Format : Solid

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