Oxygenating Pure Algue Micellar Water 50ML

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This micellar water is formulated with Tetraselmis Micro-Alga with oxygenating properties*.
Removes makeupcleanses and moisturizes face and eyes perfectly.
Rids skin of impurities and removes long-lasting makeup.

Intended for normal to combination skin, which may feel tight, lacking in moisture or dull.

Its +: leaves perfectly cleansed, moisturized and radiant skin!

Texture: leaves skin soft and clean with a fresh feeling.

- 93%** of women found that dead cells and impurities were perfectly eliminated
- 93%** of women found that their skin was instantly moisturized
- 89%** of women found that their skin was detoxified

To complete your beauty routine:

1) Clean your skin with the 3 in 1 Makeup Removing Marine Jelly - Pure Algue

2) Use the 2 in 1 Makeup Removing Micellar Water - Pure Algue to prepare your skin for your skin care routine

3) Apply your daily skin care: your serum and/or your cream

4) Apply an eye care among our eye contour product line

400 ml/  13.5 fl.oz. bottl

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