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Lipstick Pencil - Rouge Elixir

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15.80 azn

Don't only wear your lipstick for special occasions, wear it every day! Instant color & botanical care anywhere, at anytime!

Its creamy and ultra-melting texture allows for a comfortable and effortless application.
Its formula enriched with camellia oil and shea butter hydrates and nourishes* your lips for a shiny finish.

10 shades available in four color families: Nude, Pink, Red and Mauve. 

How to use :
Apply Rouge Elixir Brillant starting from the center of your lips towards the corners of your mouth.

Results :
- 93%** of women declare the texture is pleasant.
- 91%** of women declare their lips are shiny.
- 89%** of women declare their lips are immediately protected.
- 87%** of women declare their lips are hydrated and nourished.

*Satisfaction study on 22 women during 4 days.
**Usage test performed by 45 women during 4 weeks.

Format : Crayon

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