Le Brillant Lip Pencil

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The simplest lip pencil, combining color, shine and nutrition in any situation.
This easy-to-use lip pencil will become your daily ally to nourish and protect your lips while providing them with shine and color. Its melting and ultra-slippery texture allows a pleasant and effortless application.

Its +: Its formula enriched with camellia oil and shea butter nourishes your lips for a shiny finish.

10 shades available in four color families: Nude, Pink, Red and Mauve.

Our engagement:

-Made in France

Application advice: Apply the lipstick starting from the heart of the lips. Beauty tip: Gently twist the bottom of the pencil to obtain the desired amount of balm. After use, turn in the opposite direction before replacing the cap so as not to damage the stick. Apply as often as needed for colorful, well-hydrated lips.

Vegan: Product formulated without animal derivative

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