Yves Rocher Azerbaijan

Concealer Brush

SKU: 83173

7.80 azn

The Concealer Brush is your best ally for applying stick or liquid correctors and concealers.
Its dense and rounded shape is perfect for an uniform and ultra-precise application: dark circles, redness and other imperfections are hidden for a flawless makeup.

How to use:
1. Take some concealer.
2. Apply the concealer on the hollow of darks circles.
3. Blend from the inner corner towards the outer edge of the eye using back-and-forth movements.
4,Tap with the tip of the brush to blend.

Our tip:
You can use this brush with the Liquid Concealer or Stick Concealer. Set everything with our Powder using the Brush N°3 Powder.

To keep your brush efficient, remember to clean it regularly and let it air dry.

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