Anti Pollution - Rinsing Vinegar

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13.80 azn

Eliminates twice as many polluting particulates as a regular water rinse*,

This rinsing vinegar with moringa seed extract eliminates limescale deposits and polluting particulates that suffocate and dull the hair,

Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp, so we included agave fructans at the heart of every formula, This new active cosmetics ingredient doubles the scalp's microcirculation** so hair can grow in stronger and more beautiful,

Its +: It has a valve cap with multiple holes, which distributes the vinegar better all over your hair

Our Commitment:

- 99% ingredients from natural origin
- 100% naturally processed moringa seed extract
- Organically grown agave
- Silicone-free
- Recyclable bottle containing recycled plastic

*Instrumental test
**In vitro tests
Dermatologically tested formula

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