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Kohl Pencil

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Kohl Pencil:

Kohl Pencil

The Kohl pencil effortlessly accentuates your eyes thanks to its creamy texture and easy application.

Its vegan formula contains up to 100% naturally sourced ingredients* meaning you can apply it along the root of your lashes or the inner lash line. It is rich in Cornflower extract to care for sensitive eyes.
Available in 5 natural shades, matte finish.

How to use: The Kohl Pencil offers three possible applications
- Along the inner lash line.
- Along the root of the lashes: apply the Khol Pencil from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye.
- Dab and blend with finger to create a quick smoky eye effect.

* Formulated with 98,4% ingredients from natural origin