Eyebrow Mascara Blond

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24 azn

Thanks to its mini sculpting brush, the Eyebrow Mascara tames and naturally fills out eyebrows. Its formula containing 89% of natural ingredients* produces a make-up result that's resist to perspiration & rubbing**.

Its mini precision brush allows for an adjustable finish and tames eyebrows. Available in 5 shades + 1 universal shade, natural finish.

The added bonus? A universal shade to give a natural look or apply on top of your pencil for a defined result with even more impact.

How to use: Using the mini sculpting brush, tame and precisely fix your eyebrows by applying the mascara from the base to the tip of the eyebrows.

* Excluding transparent mascara formulated with 46% ingredients from natural origin
** Excluding trabsaprent mascara

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