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Eau de Parfum Matin Blanc - 100ml

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The promise of a new day,

Eau de Parfum Matin Blanc is a sweet invitation to idleness, A soft and comforting aroma, Matin Blanc combines Neroli, a touch as gentle and delicate as its name, and deep, enveloping Orange Blossom absolute, Cozy and calming, the fragrance is illuminated by the brilliant freshness of Bergamot,

With a moment for yourself, curl up under the sheets, let the light in little by little, and allow the warmth of daytime to settle in, Get into the day’s rhythm at your own pace,

Fabrice Pellegrin pays homage to his native Southern France, where taking one’s time is a way of life, With Orange Blossom, the fragrance captures all of the light of a southern morning,
Also available in 10ml and 30ml format,

Our Commitment:

- Cap made of recycled plastic
- Bottle and box are completely recyclable,
- Made in France

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