Eau de Parfum Tropicale Tentation - 100ml

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Some jungle drops on my skin,

Eau de Parfum Tropicale Tentation is a burst of aromas, embodying the “joie de vivre” with its fresh and fruity notes,

Golden Osmanthus flower, native to China with its luscious and tangy scent, is reminiscent of both Jasmine and Apricot nectar, Paired with the juicy, delectable aroma of Bitter Orange, it leaves behind a fresh and fruity trail that’s both explosive and delicious,

Amandine Clerc-Marie, swept away by the exuberance of this colorful garden, designed a fruity, intense, apricot-tinged firecracker,
Also available in 10ml and 30ml format,

Our Commitment:

- Cap made of recycled plastic
- Bottle and box are completely recyclable,
- Made in France

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