12-hour High Coverage Cream Foundation

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12 hours of a comfortable and perfect complexion*,

Our 12-hour High Coverage Cream Foundation is a soothing cream foundation that combines the high coverage of a 12-hour* foundation with the comfort of skincare for soft nourished skin and a flawless complexion all day long, Because we all need some softness!

Enriched with soothing 1000 roses blossom oil, it’s perfect any time all year round – even on the driest skin,

Did you love Comfort Cream Foundation? It’s the same formula in a brand new package!

Available in eleven shades, Also comes in a tube with 6 different shades

Our Commitment

- Without mineral oil
- Non-comedogenic formula
- Vegan

*Clinical study conducted on 12 women
Vegan: Products made without animal by-products

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