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Tones down bluish undereye circles and small veins.

Are you onto your third coat of concealer but still looking tired?
This Color-Correcting Concealer neutralizes blue: for pale complexions, it tones down bluish undereye circles and small veins. Enriched with softening cottonseed oil, it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Discover the other Zero Defaut concealers that neutralize each and every imperfection using the opposite color.
- Green neutralizes red: it neutralizes any kind of redness (pimples, redness in cheeks, scars...)
- Orange neutralizes brown: for medium to dark skin tones, it hides dark undereye circles and dark hyperpigmentation spots
- Purple neutralizes yellow: it makes dull and yellowish areas more radiant
What color team will you pick?

Our Commitment: 87% of ingredients of natural origin. No fragrance.

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