Autour de Minuit parfüm suyu, 100 ml

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A wake to hold the night,

Eau de Parfum Autour de Minuit is a sensual, delectable fragrance to be spritzed on the neck to create a seductive, intense addiction, Iris is shaped to reveal its mystery and addictiveness, while Vetiver creates a deep and sophisticated base,

Under a starry midnight sky, Eau de Parfum Autour de Minuit is the embodiment of a late-night first date and the emotions of that initial encounter, Your heart beats a mile a minute, the streetlights begin to flicker on, your steps accelerate towards the unknown, The night is mysterious and full of surprises,

Amandine Clerc-Marie conveys this atmosphere of excitement tinged with mystery,
Also available in 10ml and 30ml format,

Our Commitment:

- Cap made of recycled plastic
- Bottle and box are completely recyclable,
- Made in France

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