Plein Soleil parfüm suyu, 100 ml

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A journey with thousand colors,

Eau de Parfum Plein Soleil allows you to indulge in a colorful, hypnotic escape, Tuberose petals and Ylang-ylang flowers, with their smooth and radiant fragrance, embrace the slow wave of Sandalwood, A few drops of Cardamom awaken this mesmeric floral melody with a burst of freshness,

In the heat of the still air, Plein Soleil opens the door to a mysterious, fascinating world, Sandy paths radiate the day’s heat, flowers of a thousand colors intoxicate the air, and the traveler is inspired with awe, The splendor of the East reaches out to us,

Fabrice Pellegrin plunges us back into his spellbinding reveries, lulled by his travels to the other side of the world, Dreams in which sunkissed flowers permeate the air with sweet, calming aromas,

Also available in 10ml and 30ml format,

Our Commitment:

- Cap made of recycled plastic
- Bottle and box are completely recyclable,
- Made in France

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