Solid Face Cleanser

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23.20 azn 29 azn

This solid face cleanser gently cleanses and removes make up from skin.
Its delicate formula respects skin pH and soothes skin. It eliminates impurities and traces of makeup for radiant-looking skin.

With more than 99% biodegradable and sulfate-free ingredients, without any soap, this solid face cleanser made in France is enriched with calendula grown in Brittany.

Its packaging is made of 60% cardboard from our waste and is 100% recyclable, no need for plastic!

1 solid cleanser face = up to 2 bottles of classic face cleansers of 125 ml. 

This product has everything to become your new ally in the bathroom. 

Its + : A generous lather and a fresh smell ! 

How to use : Rub your solid cleanser between your hand or directly on wet face. Gently massage and rinse.

Format : Solide

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