Yves Rocher Azerbaijan

Melting Orange 4-Product Gift Set - Christmas Collection

SKU: 87842

24 azn

The products inside the limited edition Melting Orange 4-Product Gift Set a sweet Chocolate Orange scent, offering a delicious moment of relaxation.

Open the doors to the Curious Yves Rocher Garden to enter a universe filled with surprises. Amongst the animals living in the garden, you'll meet a mysterious and wide-eyed owl. Let him guide you through the multicolored foliage to this selection of products from the Melting Orange collection.

This set contains:
- Melting Orange Bath and Shower Gel, 50 ml
- Melting Orange Shower Oil, 50 ml
- Melting Orange Hand Cream, 30 ml
- Melting Orange Lip Balm

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