Anti-Hair Loss Scalp Booster Treatment

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The Scalp Booster Treatment is a non-sticky serum with a cooling effect to strengthen hair lacking of vitality. Immediately hair looks denser. Day after day, hair is more resistant and loss is reduced. Hair regains strength, thickness and is more beautiful.

A silicone-free formula enriched with Ginseng that strengthens hair at the root and Agave that doubles microcirculation for a perfectly nourished bulb(1).

Results after 28 days (2):
- Scalp is healthier 79%
- Scalp is toned 77%
- Hair regains vitality 77%
- Hair is more beautiful 75%
- Hair is toned, stronger and more resistant 74%

How to use: Apply 2 to 3 times a week, in a small amount line by line on clean hair using the precision tip. Massage using circular movements until complete absorbed. Do not rinse.

(1) In vitro tests
(2) Use test under dermatological control, 100 cases

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