Yves Rocher

Mascara Longueur 360° Waterproof

SKU: 90795

18 azn


Your favorite lengthening mascara now in a waterproof version: under water or under the sun, the Waterproof 360° Length Mascara - Black is super resistant and guarantees a flawless look! Its patented 2-in-1 brush is the combination of a spherical tip that captures all the lashes and an elastometer brush that combs and covers the entire length of lashes without clumping. Its unprecedented formula enriched with Almond protein is made to strengthen and sheath each lash.

Its +: a fine and fluid texture.

Result: the shortest, finest lashes, as well as those in the corner of your eye aren't left uncovered. 100% of lashes are reached and covered for a fuller fringe and a wide-eyed look.

Tested under ophtalmological supervision.

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