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Repair - Balm Shampoo

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Washes, repairs and improves resilience,

This jojoba oil Balm Shampoo rebuilds the hair fiber to restore substance, wash and eliminate past damage, Once repaired, it is more resilient against future stressors,

Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp, so we included agave fructans at the heart of every formula, This new active cosmetics ingredient doubles the scalp's microcirculation* so hair can grow in stronger and more beautiful,

Its+ : A silicone-free sulfate-free*** formula that cleans as gently as possible to care for damaged hair that has become weak,

Results: reduces brittleness by 92%**

Our Commitment:

- 87% ingredients from natural origin
- Botanical cleansing base
- Organically grown agave
- Easily biodegradable silicone-free formula
- Recyclable bottle made 100% from recycled plastic (except additive)

*In vitro tests
**Instrumental test comparing standard shampoo
***Sulfate-free surfactant
Dermatologically tested formula

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