48h Soft Deodorant

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Formulated with Organic Chamomile from La Gacilly, this deodorant protects against odors thanks to its light scent. For optimum efficiency, our Botanical Beauty Research Experts have selected Beech powder that can absorb moisture while respecting your skin

You have the sensation of sweating with our deodorants? It’s normal! Composed of 96% ingredients of natural origin & without alcohol, our deodorants have a deodorant action and not anti-transpirant. They have been designed to respect the natural process of perspiration of the skin while eliminating odors. Depending on your skin, an adaptation time may be necessary.

Because of its natural composition, the formula of our deodorants can evolve over time and form white heaps when not use. It is a random process & not widespread but quite natural due to its absorbent powder content. This does not affect the effectiveness of your deodorant. If you see a white heaps, you can remove it and use your deodorant normally.

Its + : Lightweight texture which allows you to get dressed immediately.

How to use : Apply onto clean and dry armpits.

Formula tested under dermatological supervision

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