Anti-Shine Face Care SPF50+

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39.20 azn 49 azn

Skin is highly protected against UVA and UVB rays, the skin is as bare, Enriched with Sea Holly polyactive that boosts melanin**, stimulates the skin's natural ability to protect itself against damage caused by the sun**, protects against photo-aging**, protects the skin's structure** and stimulates cellular regeneration**,

Its + : Its light formula lets the skin to breathe and prevents shine,

Our Commitment

- No mineral oils
- Paper from sustainably managed forests
- Vegan

Formula tested under dermatalogical and ophthalmological supervision
*Clinical survey supported and carried out in comparison with Yves Rocher's Anti-aging Care SPF 50+
**In-vitro tests
Vegan: Formulated products without animal derivatives,

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