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If there’s only one thing you should know about skincare, it’s this: wash your face, and wash it well. Preferably with a cleanser that’s the perfect match to your skin type.

Signs you need to switch to a natural face cleanser

Washing your face may seem like the most straightforward part of your skincare routine. Grab a cleanser, lather, rinse, and move on to the next step. It’s tempting to gloss over the first part of your self-care regimen, but take a closer look at how your skin is responding to your cleanser. Does your face look irritated immediately after washing? Does it feel tight and dried out? When you tone, do you find that there’s still makeup and residue on your cotton ball or reusable cotton pad? Any of the above may be a sign that now’s the time to switch to a natural cleanser, made with organic, good-for-you ingredients.

Listen to what your skin is telling you

Each skin type shows what it needs in different ways. Those with dry skin may notice redness, flaking, and breakouts if their cleanser is too abrasive. Oily skin types may notice congested pores, breakouts, and excess oil if their cleanser is too mild. Those with combination skin may notice all of the above across different areas of the face if their cleanser isn’t effective enough for their complex needs.

With the right natural face cleanser, you should not only notice a significant decrease in all of the above, you should look like you have noticeably smooth skin that’s hydrated, nourished, and glowy.

So what exactly makes a good cleanser?

The key features of a natural face cleanser

There are a few universal characteristics that everyone needs in a cleanser—no matter your skin type. Look for a formula that removes dirt without stripping your skin of its natural oils. That takes away residual makeup and environmental pollution, without irritating your skin. And that soothes and conditions your skin, leaving it ready to absorb the nourishing next steps of your skincare routine.

Most importantly, a cleanser that’s good for the planet is definitely good for you. Natural, organic products, free of sulfates and irritants, and made with sustainability in mind may be less irritating and harsh on your skin.

To make things easier for you, here are several cleansers that meet all of the criteria.