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Mənfi amillərdən qoruyucu gündüz kremi - Bütün növ dərilər üçün

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The Anti-Pollution Repairing Day Care immediately de-suffocates the skin, it is protected against the harmful effects of pollution responsible for premature aging of the skin. From 1 month, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced; the skin is repaired, fortified and appears radiant with health

In our botanical elixir, Micro-Algae and Brittany Nasturtium stimulate oxygenation and detoxification of skin cells (1) . Assets from local sectors that respect biodiversity.

Its +: Its gel-cream texture.

- Protection against polluting particles (2)
- 10% less wrinkles in 80% of respondents (3)
- 96% more radiance on 92% of respondents (4)
- 93% of respondents declare that their skin is immediately hydrated (5)

Application advice: Apply every morning. Take a small amount and apply all over the face with smoothing movements, from the inside to the outside.

Formula tested under dermatological control.
(1) In vitro tests
(2) Clinical study carried out on 21 women immediately after application
(3) Clinical study carried out on 13 women and 2 men after 28 days of use
(4) Clinical study carried out on 22 women
(5) Clinical study carried out on 73 women and 28 men after 28 days of use

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