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Bronzlaşdırıcı pudra

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Hazırda Yves Rocher Istiqlaliyyat filialında al-apar xidməti aktiv deyil

My secret for a sun-kissed complexion all year long!

Bronzlaşdırıcı pudra


Yves Rocher Istiqlaliyyat

Al-apar xidməti hazırda aktiv deyil

Istiqlaliyyat Street
AZ1001 Baku



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Bravo Hipermarket | Koroğlu m/s
1010 Bakı


Nizami metrosu filialı

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Şıxəli Qurbanov



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Bülbül Prospekti, 7
1010 Bakı


Yves Rocher Pushkin street

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30 Aleksandr Puşkin
1010 Bakı


The Exhilarating Bronzing Powder adds natural warmth and enhances all skin tones. It helps create a personalized glow suited to match a tan at any stage for a naturally sun-kissed complexion, without any orange undertones.

Its +: An irresistible powder with a velvety feel for an ultra-comfortable application and a natural finish.

The subtly pearly powder give you a healthy glow, guaranteed. And why is it exhilarating? Because of its delectable monoï scent, of course!

This Exhilarating Bronzing Powder is also travel-friendly with its new packaging, which even includes a mirror.

How to use: Apply to the areas of the face you want to sculpt (the hollows of the cheeks, temples, sides of the forehead) as well as on the neck to prevent any lines of demarcation, and repeat until you achieve the bronzed finish you desire. Depending on your skin tone, choose one of the two new bronzing powder shades:
- Light Bronze: for pink and beige skin tones
- Warm Bronze: for golden and brown skin tones

*Product formulated without animal derivatives