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Bronzlaşdırıcı pudra

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My secret for a sun-kissed complexion all year long!,

The Exhilarating Bronzing Powder adds natural warmth and enhances all skin tones, It helps create a personalized glow suited to match a tan at any stage for a naturally sun-kissed complexion, without any orange undertones,

Its +: An irresistible powder with a velvety feel for an ultra-comfortable application and a natural finish,

The subtly pearly powder give you a healthy glow, guaranteed, And why is it exhilarating? Because of its delectable monoï scent, of course!

This Exhilarating Bronzing Powder is also travel-friendly with its new packaging, which even includes a mirror,

Our commitment:

79% ingredients of natural origin

Available in 2 shades:
Light Bronze
Warm Bronze

*Product formulated without animal derivatives

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